Lenten Opportunities

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Lent, a time of New Beginnings On Wednesday March 1, Ash Wednesday, we enter into the season of Lent which in many ways is a season of new life, new beginnings. Repentance is traditionally the word most associated with this season and if we understand what the term really means, we can embrace it as an avenue to new life. You may have heard me say once or twice (or perhaps more as I seek to remind myself), Repent means to turn or turn around. Sometimes we need to turn away from things or practices that harm our relationships with ourselves, our God, or others. Other times we need to be more intentional about turning toward God who nurtures our lives. It brings to mind the words from Ezekiel 18, β€œFor I take no pleasure in the death of any one, declares the Lord God, Turn then and live.” I…

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Town Hall Meetings

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Attend a meeting or town hall with your members of Congress this week. Face-to-face interactions with your members of Congress are more effective thanany other form of advocacy.This week, this engagement is even easier, as Congress is on recess and most members are traveling back to their districts. In-person meetings demonstrate the personal interest you have in the issues that you want to address, and allow you to offer stories and examples about why an issue is important to your community. These interactions are important for building ongoing relationships with your members of Congress and their staffs. 1. Select an issue: Make sure to select one issue that you wish to discuss. Making a specific ask is crucial to ensure you have a focused interaction with your elected officials; you can request additional meetings to discuss other topics in the future. We encourage you to identify yourself as Episcopalian during…

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